Hunter & Barrel UAE Case Study

SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility


+ 150%

Increase in Conversions through Organic Search.

+ 320%

increased in new website traffic


Reduced bounce rate to 30%, showing improvement.

Hunter & Barrel Dubai is a celebration of great food, drink and friends. Each element of the space – from the shawarma rotisserie to the wooden barrel bar, grand stone features and rustic wooden accents – melds effortlessly to create a warm and inviting ambience.


  1. Key Objective: H&B has 3 restaurant locations across the UAE. H&B faced a challenge to rank on each location well in local search results for shared keywords. Multiple locations made SEO a complex task.
  2. Multi-Location: Boost visibility across each venue for the same keyword by coordinating on-page tweaks, local SEO, specifying locations, using schema markup and gathering good reviews.
  3. Desired Outcome: The goal was to boost local search visibility and organic website traffic for all H&B locations with tailored optimization tactics.

Strategy and Execution

SEO Optimization

  1. Keyword Research: We did a thorough keyword research for the best keywords and topics that our audience would find useful. This helped us to focus on creating content that would be most helpful to them. It was important to find out what people were searching for in relation to our brand and products, so we could improve our SEO strategies.
  2. On-Page Optimisation: We fixed various problems on the website, such as inefficient internal links and other on-page elements. We improved the website’s health from 55% to 99%. By optimizing on-page factors, we set the foundation for better search visibility.

Off Page Optimisations

  1. After laying a robust website base, attention shifted to off-page factors. Quality, informative content centered on vital topics and keywords for the audience showcased expertise. Securing guest posts on reputable industry sites broadened content reach, generating top-notch backlinks like local citations, influential social profiles, and infographics. This approach not only introduced the brand to fresh audiences but also bolstered domain authority significantly.


H&B has witnessed remarkable growth across the board: traffic surged by 23.5%, organic clicks soared by 75.77%, site health increased by 80%, and an astounding 100+ keywords are now ranking in the top 10 positions.

+ 23.5%

Traffic Surge

The H&B website’s impressions increased from 172k to an impressive 210k, marking a substantial increase of approximately 23.5%.

+ 75.77%

Organic Clicks

Witness an astonishing surge in organic clicks! Observe an incredible 75.77% rise, skyrocketing from 3489 to 6134.

% 80

Site Health

The H&B site’s health made an incredible leap from 55% to 99%. That’s a staggering increase of 80%!

+ 100

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 positions

H&B has achieved an impressive feat by securing 100+ keywords in the Top 10 positions! This remarkable performance highlights their dominance and excellence across a wide range of search terms.

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SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility

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