Italian Street Kitchen Case Study

SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility


+ 150%

Increase in Conversions through Organic Search.

+ 320%

increased in new website traffic


Reduced bounce rate to 30%, showing improvement.

Italian Street Kitchen serves high-quality, authentic Italian cuisine made with traditional recipes and ingredients sourced from Italy. Their menu features both classic dishes and modern Italian fusion cuisine. All food is handmade in-house, from the wood-fired pizzas to the fresh pasta and antipasti. The restaurant uses premium ingredients like stone-ground flour, tomatoes, cheeses, and produce imported directly from regions across Italy in order to provide an authentic Italian dining experience. The goal is to showcase the best of traditional and contemporary Italian cooking.


  1. Key Objective: ISK operates 7 locations across Australia. ISK faced the complex challenge of ranking each venue for the same vital shared keywords in competitive local search results.
  2. Multi-Location: To get multiple stores to rank high for the same keywords, we carefully updated each location’s details and markup so search engines could understand them better, and built local signals.
  3. Desired Outcome: The desired outcome was driving increased local search visibility and website traffic to every ISK venue through personalized optimization strategies.

Strategy & Exceution

SEO Optimization

  1. Keyword Research: Comprehensive keyword research was undertaken to determine the most valuable, relevant search terms and topics for the target audience. This enabled laser focus when optimising content. Identifying the core topics users were searching for related to the brand and offerings was crucial for informing effective SEO strategies.
  2. On-Page Optimisation: Several technical issues were present on the website, including suboptimal internal linking structures and other on-page elements. These were systematically improved to enhance overall website health and domain authority.

Off Page Optimisations

  1. With a robust website basis established, attention shifted to off-page ranking factors. High-quality, informative content was created around topics and keywords the audience cared about to showcase subject matter expertise. Securing guest posting opportunities on reputable industry websites helped expand content reach and netted quality backlinks. This tactic introduced the brand to new audiences while building domain authority.


ISK has seen remarkable growth across the board: traffic surged by 51.16%, organic clicks soared by 213.13%, site health increased by 52.31%, and an astounding 500+ keywords are now ranking in the top 10 positions.

+ 51.16%

Traffic Surge

The ISK website’s impressions surged from 172k to an impressive 260k, marking a substantial increase of approximately 51.16%.

+ 213.13%

Organic Clicks

Witness an astounding surge in organic clicks, as the percentage skyrockets from 7,480 to an impressive 23,428, marking an incredible increase of approximately 213.13%!

% 52.31

Site Health

The ISK site health experienced an incredible surge, soaring from 65% all the way up to an impressive 99% – marking an astonishing increase of 52.31%.

+ 500

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 positions

ISK has achieved an impressive feat by securing 500+ keywords in the Top 10 positions! This remarkable performance highlights their dominance and excellence across a wide range of search terms.

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