IV Klinik Case Study

SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility


+ 150%

Increase in Conversions through Organic Search.

+ 320%

increased in new website traffic


Reduced bounce rate to 30%, showing improvement.

IV Klinik is a clinic with over 25 years of clinical experience providing IV and therapeutic infusion treatments. These infusions can help patients regain balance in their health after it has been disrupted by factors like poor diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, and chronic illnesses. The infusions offer patients a way to get back on track with their wellbeing in a safe, supervised medical environment.


  1. Key Objective: IV Klinik’s website faced technical SEO issues hurting performance. Addressing these on-page optimization barriers was key to improving performance.
  2. Untapped Growth Potential: Additionally, IV Klinik only ranked for 200 keywords, driving 500 monthly organic visits. This revealed significant room to grow search presence and drive more traffic.
  3. Desired Outcome: The goal was to target more Commercial Intent Keywords to grab More Traffic & Conversions. This would be achieved by tailored on-page optimization and content strategies.

Strategy and Execution

SEO Optimization

  1. Keyword Research: We thoroughly researched keywords to match our audience’s needs, focusing on commercial terms. This helped us find high-potential opportunities to reach patients looking to book. Aligning IV Klinik’s services with various search queries along the buyer journey aimed to connect from initial research to conversion-focused actions.
  2. On-Page Optimisation: Addressing crucial on-site errors such as broken links, thin content, and metadata problems significantly enhanced IV Klinik’s website health, elevating it from 65% to 95%. This effort established a robust SEO base, enhancing rankings and traffic. Optimizing vital page elements and structure facilitated targeted keyword conversions.

Off Page Optimisations

  1. After strengthening the website base, attention turned to off-page aspects. Informative content on key topics displayed expertise. Guest posts on reputable health sites expanded reach and earned quality backlinks like local citations, social profiles, and infographics. This not only introduced the brand to new audiences but also boosted domain authority significantly.


IV Klinik witnessed a traffic spike by 60.79% and a staggering 1200% surge in organic clicks. Site health increased by 46.15%, while securing 170+ top 10 keyword rankings.

+ 60.79%

Traffic Surge

IV Klinik’s website impressions soared from 62.2k to 100k, a remarkable surge of around 60.79%.

+ 1200%

Organic Clicks

Witness an astonishing surge in organic clicks! Observe an incredible 1200% rise, skyrocketing from 1K to 13k.

% 46.15

Site Health

The IV Klinik website’s health experienced a substantial surge, jumping from 65% to an impressive 95%. The website’s health increased by approximately 46.15%.

+ 170

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 positions

IV Klinik excels with 170+ keywords in Top 10, showcasing dominance and excellence across diverse searches.

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SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility

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