The Meat and Wine Co Case Study

SEM Elevates Reach & Accelerates Conversions


+ 150%

Increase in Conversions through Organic Search.

+ 320%

increased in new website traffic


Reduced bounce rate to 30%, showing improvement.

The Meat & Wine Co. comes alive with an air of sophistication, offering a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Each cut of succulent, perfectly prepared steak is a testament to our dedication to quality, while our carefully curated wine selection complements the flavours with finesse. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other, where prime cuts of steak are transformed into masterpieces of taste and texture.


  1. The Meat & Wine Co. has given us really big numbers to achieve in 2 months.
  2. They wanted 280 leads through location visits and an increase in reservations within a budget of A$8k, all to be achieved in 2 months.
  3. Restarting advertising campaigns after a 6-month break was challenging because there were no current campaigns, and reaching high goals in just 2 months was hard. This was due to Google Ads needing an initial 15-day learning period before working well.

Strategy and Execution

Campaign Strategy

  1. Our team conducted extensive keyword research and established a refined ad structure
  2. We have added the best creatives showcasing all-time best steak offers
  3. In the initial 21 days, we ran a standard search campaign to generate traffic through generic keywords
  4. After achieving 169 conversions, we implemented a Pmax campaign to generate leads through multiple networks.

Campaigns Execution

  1. Campaign Structure: To maximise results for The Meat & Wine Co, we propose a comprehensive campaign structure to enhance leads, engagement, and local actions.
  2. Continuous Testing: We conducted rigorous testing, identifying two high-performing ad groups. Capitalising on this success, we strategically boosted these ads, resulting in over 190 leads within the first 26 days.
  3. Testing a Pmax campaign was a great success, surpassing our target and setting a new milestone with 1,324 conversions in just 2 months.
  4. This nimble and data-driven strategy not only rectified the initial setbacks but also positioned The Meat & Wine co for sustained success in a competitive market.

2 Month Investment and Profits

A$ 8,000

SEM Investment

The M&W Co invested A$8,000 in 3 months for targeted SEM campaigns, optimizing ads and keywords for better performance.

A$ 354,510.00

Advertising Budget

During that time, a sum of A$354,510.00 was designated for Google Ads and social media campaigns.


The Meat & Wine Co Conversions increased by 1,324%, boasting an 13.25% CTR. Costs increased by A$ 8,000, yet they maintained a solid ROAS of 47.58.

+ 1,324%


For SEM, the M&W Co achieved an astounding 1,324% increase in conversions, demonstrating a substantial leap in customer response and action.

+ 13.25%


W&W Co witnessed an impressive 13.25% increase in click-through rates, signaling heightened audience interaction and campaign effectiveness.

A$ 8,000


The M&W Co allocated A$8,000 across three months for strategic SEM campaigns, encompassing targeted ad placements, keyword optimization, and performance-driven enhancements.

+ 47.58


The Meat & Wine Co witnessed a remarkable 47.58 ROAS increase through their SEM initiatives, showcasing an impressive return on investment and campaign effectiveness.

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