The Paper Mill Food Case Study

SEO Improve Traffic & Organic Visibility


+ 150%

Increase in Conversions through Organic Search.

+ 320%

increased in new website traffic


Reduced bounce rate to 30%, showing improvement.

The Paper Mill Food is a popular restaurant in a converted 19th-century paper mill that opened in 2019 as part of a residential community. With four dining options for meals throughout the day, it aims to appeal to all as a central gathering spot for both locals and visitors seeking anything from sweet breakfasts to smoky lunches to succulent dinners.


  1. Key Objective: Paper Mill Food’s site wasn’t index on Google searches, causing customer loss. Our goal is to index it to boost visibility and bookings.
  2. Website Audit Issues: Audit of The Paper Mill Food’s site revealed critical technical issues impacting search engine indexing. Our SEO strategy focused on fixing these errors for better visibility and traffic.
  3. Desired Outcome: The goal was to become top-rated in Liverpool, Australia, attracting more breakfast, lunch and, diners, through Google searches, driving online reservations.

Strategy and Execution

SEO Optimization

  1. Keyword Research: Thorough keyword research shaped our SEO strategy for their food services, pinpointing relevant search terms and topics for the audience.
  2. On-Page Optimisation: TPM website audit revealed several issues: internal links and on-page elements needed fixing. Resolving these enhanced code cleanliness, boosted site speed, and laid a strong SEO base.

Off Page Optimisations

  1. We made top-notch, helpful content using key words, positioning The Paper Mill Food as Liverpool dining experts. Also, we got guest posts on respected Aussie food and travel sites, earning us links from relevant places.


TPM traffic skyrocketed by 12.4k%, organic clicks surged 12,916.67%, while site health increased by 69.64% with 60+ keywords in top 10!

+ 12.4k%

Traffic Surge

TPM website witnessed a phenomenal leap, soaring from 400 impressions to a staggering 50,000. This incredible surge reflects an astounding percentage increase of 12.4k%.

+ 12,916.67%

Organic Clicks

The clicks surged from 60 to 7.81k, marking a staggering approximate increase of 12,916.67% – a monumental leap in engagement that defies expectations!

% 69.64

Site Health

TPM website’s health score experienced an outstanding surge, leaping from 56% to a remarkable 95%! That’s an impressive percentage increase of 69.64%.

+ 60

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 positions

TPM is featured in the top 10 Google search results for over 60 keywords, demonstrating its dominance and excellence across a wide range of searches.

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